July Social – what does the BFC do for me?


“What does the BFC do for you?   What do you get for your annual subscription, and why your opinion matters”. Derek Hartshorne, your regional Council representative will be discussing current expenditure plans for the coming year and seeking your questions, comment and input about they way your annual subscription is spent each year.

The social meeting on Tuesday the 4th July will be held at the Bulls Head Rosliston as usual.  7.30 arrival for an 8.00 pm start.

All members and potential new members are very welcome to join us for a social evening in convivial company.

Bring your questions and thoughts about how your money should be spent.

Find out what the BFC does for you, and whether it should be doing more.

SEE ALSO the recent posts on subsidies this year for filed meets and for attendees at the BFC AGM.




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